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We like to keep things simple, and in doing so we have created this page with a very straightforward goal. The purpose of this page is to make sure that you know what SEO is and then decide if this is something you would like to do by developing your own in-house team, outsource it to an agency, or combine those two methods. Any successful SEO strategy falls in two parts:

    • On-page optimization
    • Off-page optimization

Being good at one and not the other will likely create an uphill battle. These two elements should work together and complement one another, allowing you to steadily improve your standing within the Google search results page (SERPs). To do this you will need to align your external optimization (blacklinks, PR, social media signals, etc.) with your onsite strengths to strike the right balance.

If you build too many backlinks too fast, use unnatural anchor text, and provide poor content you may see a rollercoaster or yoyo effect as rankings go up and down. Just focusing on excellent content won’t get you very far either. You will likely be stuck hovering on page 3.


starting an seo campaign

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is constantly changing as a reaction to Googles algorithm improvements. What’s working now might not work tomorrow, which is why it is important to constantly monitor and test the algorithm to ensure that you are applying proven best practices.

It’s not just Google that an SEO needs to monitor. The reaction of potential customer behavior on your site is equally important. These signals aren’t just helpful for conversions but can also be some of the many ranking factors considered by search algorithms.

The most effective SEO strategy for your business is to put your customers first. Using this to dictate your strategic decisions can help to create a winning campaign. Before you begin your website optimization and outreach, your first step will be defining your audience. Knowing gender, age, and buying decisions can help in developing your SEO campaign.


Defining Your Audience

If you ask a small or medium business owner who their target audience is they will likely have a good idea. And while they might know their audience well, it often isn’t reflected on their website. To define your audience, ask yourself the following:

      • What action do we want users to take? Should they fill out a form, download a whitepaper, call, join our newsletter?
      • What tone of voice do they want us to use when talking to them?
      • What is the average age of our user?
      • What is the gender of our average user?
      • What devise(s) do our users usually use to visit our site?
      • What questions do we need to answer before they will take an action?
      • How much is a lead worth?



website content

When creating the content on your website the goal should be two things. Show users what they want (your offering), and tell a better story than your competitors. Good content will make use of images, video, text, and is shareable on social media.

The basis of any search marking campaign will start with keyword research. Good content will be written around related keywords and focus on a single keyword topic. In the beginning stages, key phrases will form our main category pages, and from there more focused supporting content will follow.

Once you have your category and service pages or product pages organized, it’s time to comb your website to see if you currently have any of these pages already ranking or written. If you do, evaluate them and revise as needed. If not, it’s time to get writing.


Optimizing your Webpage Content

Once you have your content authored and published, you will want to better optimize it for search and users. Content optimization can be an ongoing process that require careful management. Here is how you can start optimizing your site:

      1. Depth of content – what is an appropriate length?
      2. Interlinking
      3. Social media distribution/sharing
      4. Website markup (, microdata, rich snippets)
      5. URL structure
      6. Title tags and meta data
      7. Image file name
      8. Image alt tags
      9. Headings: H1 – H6
      10. Your main keyword in the first paragraph of your post
      11. LSI keywords
      12. Page load time
        1. Minimize HTTP Requests
        2. Reduce server response time
        3. Enable compression
        4. Enable browser caching
        5. Minify resources
        6. Optimize images
        7. Optimize CSS Deliver
        8. Prioritize above-the-fold content
        9. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
        10. Reduce redirects
      13. Make sure your site is mobile friendly – responsive
      14. Reduce bounce rate
        1. Use a large, easy to read font
        2. Clean design
        3. Pay attention to formatting and tone


The second part of an SEO strategy will require link building. Without a strong backlink provide your hard work up to this point will likely fail from a search prospective. Before you jump into building links there are a few things you will want to be very careful about.

      1. Make sure you are getting links from good domains. A bad link can be bad for your site.
      2. Use the correct anchor text and keep it natural.
      3. Don’t point all your links to the homepage. They should link to relevant internal pages too.

Just how do you begin link building? You can accomplish this by using outreach to high authority sites such as Forbes, Fortune, and newspapers, as well as contribute to blogs. Another method of link building might include tools that allow you to see links that your competitors have earned. You can read more about this and other link building methods by reading a post I authored on Forbes here.


seo companySEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it can be easily indexed by major search engines. This gives it a higher page ranking and better visibility. Today, with more and more internet users leveraging the potential of search engines to share and retrieve information, it is imperative for businesses to appear in the top rankings in search engine result pages and attract the attention of consumers. Internet users tend to trust websites that appear on the first page of SERP more than websites that show up on the third or fourth pages. Most people do not possess the time to scroll through the latter result pages of search engines. So, if your website does not appear in the top 5 rankings of a search engine results page, you are missing out on a huge client base. This is where a professional SEO company can get your website a visibility that is worth thousands of new customers!!



Instead of merely focusing on search engine rankings, a good and reliable SEO company is primarily focused on generating leads for your business. They emphasize sales and measurable results that drive profits. With this intent, they strive to grasp a better understanding of your business, products and services, competition, values, and goals, and build an effective SEO strategy for your website. Some of the key SEO services are:

      • Competitive analysis
      • Website analysis and optimization
      • Keyword research and development
      • Meta tag and title creation
      • Content writing
      • Link building
      • Article directory submissions
      • Blog posting and comment submissions
      • Forums and online community postings
      • Social bookmarking
      • Social media marketing
      • Local search engine optimization
      • Mobile SEO
      • E-commerce search engine optimization
      • Video optimization
      • Tracking and ROI analysis


Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. It is the most effective way for your website to get attention on the internet, attract new customers,and improve sales. A good SEO company employs an organic approach to search engine optimization, not only guaranteeing you higher page rankings but conversions as well. What is even more exciting is that SEO gives your website permanent exposure! Hence, the key to success for your business lies with a professional and reliable SEO company.