When it comes to marketing a law firm, the number of choices available might leave some business owners overwhelmed, and ultimately choosing not to make any choice. While you might not know exactly what path to take there are some methods that, in my opinion, do well for law firms. One of my favorite strategies includes a mix of different digital marketing tactics.

I know, you’re probably saying to yourself that setting up and running an online marketing campaign is much easier said than done. But really, a digital marketing campaign doesn’t need to feel like rocket science. Nor does it need to feel like mission impossible.

Below we will break down a few legal marketing strategies your firm might benefit from. Not all of these are digital marketing tactics, like Law Firm SEO for example, but they can all help your local business.



One of the oldest forms of marketing is by world of mouth. During ancient times, “word of mouth marketing” was the way people used to inform each other of different offerings in their marketplace.

This method has a very narrow reach, but is still preferred even in today digital age. The reason this method never really faded away is it involves no cost and people are more likely to trust you because the consumer has received a personal testimony from another person they trust about your product or service.

Positive word of mouth, like online reviews, or social media buzz, can be imperative if you want your law firm to build credibility within a local market(s). A satisfied clientele can help spread the word one person at a time.


There was a time when print media gained fame. During the era when it was in full swing, people had two common options: To get ads published in newspapers and magazines or go for things like banners, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

This method had a high cost involved and was difficult to execute. Distributing or pasting printed ads requires time, travel, and hard work. Failing to get to vast audiences, it is preferred by only a handful of businesses today.


When print marketing approach failed to serve the purpose, electronic media marketing started gaining popularity. This method includes less hard work and surely has a far better reach than the printed ads/marketing, but again involves high cost.

Electronic marketing hasn’t really failed, but is more a means of marketing FMCG products, food items/chains, building projects, and other EDC things. Imagine marketing services like a law firm on radio or television? Sounds strange, right? So there had to be another method to fill in the gap.


As the world moves forward, a lot of options for everything become available unknowingly. Likewise, the internet has taken the world by storm and has become a prime source for activities like socializing, shopping, getting news, and of course, marketing.

Marketing done through internet is called digital marketing and is the easiest, less costly-more productive method of marketing.


In today’s world the first thing we do when trying to figure something out is look it up online. If you’ve done everything correctly, these searchers may end up on your website, which may be their first impression of your law firm.

If you’re looking to improve your law firm marketing, below you will find 11 techniques to market your law firm using Search Engine Optimization – SEO services.

  1. Listing on Google My Business
    As a law firm, you must have a physical office address. You should list the firm on Google My Business so that it’s easier for people to reach, locate, and visit you. Businesses appearing on Google also iterate authenticity so people are more likely to trust you to provide excellent services.
  2. Losing Legal Jargons
    Avoid using classic legal jargons/terms. Just like lawyers don’t understand typical medical jargons such as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter for hiccups or sternuate for sneeze, common people including doctors will not be able to know that ‘voir dire’ means speak the truth or plaintiff is a person who files a grievance. If you want to market yourself effectively on digital platforms you have to make yourself more accessible.
  3. Selecting the Keywords
    Selection of right keywords to market your service is extremely important. There are a number of tools and websites available that can help you target the right keywords.
  4. Making the Site Mobile and User-Friendly
    The use of computers has become limited to work or study purpose mostly, and mobile phone usage is flourishing for other things like shopping and socializing on the internet. You must remember to make your site mobile-friendly and easy-to-use. You want users to be able to access your web presence any way they want, on the go and with a touch of a button.
  5. Including Voice-Search Oriented Keywords
    Many mobile users these days prefer to speak out their queries rather than writing them when looking for something on a search engine. In reality, voice commands are expected to be the mainstream medium for internet research in a few years. Making the search easier for people is one important part of successfully marketing the business you have.
  6. Maintain a Blog
    Writing articles and blogs is a great way to make your business popular. You should share the latest news, happenings in your industry and any information that can be helpful to your target customer. This drives additional traffic to your website. If you write something that is picked by Google to be included in its news results – even better. Content can also include FAQs.
  7. Focus on Content
    When searching for a law firm, it is important that you are visible to people begin their search for a law firm on the internet. In order to make people stop their search once on your website, you need to have content that catches their attention. Focus on your services and what you can do to help people in need of your services. Step into their shoes, and pretty soon they will walk with you.
  8. Working on Website Markup
    All valuable news for the users should be timely updated on your website. The articles/blogs should also contain direct links to the firm’s particulars such as schedule, address and telephone. These details should be included in a pop-up that pops just when the website is accessed.
  9. Managing Social Networks
    Don’t keep your social media profiles and forums untouched. You should make your business profile on forums like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter and update them regularly. Interact with your followers. Even Google likes website which have good reach on social media platforms.
  10. Uploading Attorney Profiles
    It is good to inform people of their saviors. Your website should be updated with profiles of all your lawyers with professional snaps for people to be more familiar. Adding credible people to your online presence, adds credibility to your law firm.
  11. Writing the Firm’s Achievements/Experiences
    It is always a good idea to highlight the firm’s positive points such as being victorious in an unusual case or getting certifications. This will help people select you knowing the expertise you have.