Beginners Guide To Google Search Console


What is Google Search Console? Earlier known as Google Webmasters Tools, the main function of Google Search Console is to suggest changes that will help rank your website higher on search engines. The new Google Search Console is also more inclusive and intuitive to marketing experts, SEO professionals, designers, business owners and app developers among … Read more

8 Effective Headlines To Help You Attract More Buyers


We all know how important headlines and titles are. You could have the most amazing content on the internet but if your headlines aren’t engaging users to click through to your website no one will see, well…anything. So while the content on your page is important, your title tag and headline is the most important … Read more

3 Black Hat Techniques You Shouldn’t Use That Will Increase Your Rankings


When it comes to following rules, there are certain things we know we shouldn’t do. Obeying traffic laws, paying your taxes, don’t steal, and the list goes on.  While these things might seem obvious and have obvious penalties the SEO world isn’t always as clear.  Luckily, most shady tactics such as hidden text, cloaking, and keyword … Read more

3 of the Best Management Books for Business Leaders


If you are looking for a good book that can help shape your management skills there are a few, that in my opinion, have withstood the test of time.  As a manager, you are ultimately responsible for supervising employee activities.  Holding people accountable, setting a good example, and motivating your team just some of the … Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Local Family Business

local businesses

There are many perks to owning a small business. When things are good you might feel on top of the world. You get to choose when you work, who to work with, and you are able to do something that you truly enjoy and believe in. The goodwill your business provides isn’t just good for … Read more