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Type any keyword on Google and hit the “Enter” key. On the search engine results page (SERP), do you spot some ads at the top and to the side?  That’s Google’s very own Google Ads, once known as AdWords or PPC, which is an advertising platform catering to owners of businesses who want to put up ads on Google, that placed those advertisements there.

While other search engine sites also offer something similar to Google Ads, it is Google that owns a massive slice of the market share to date – and thus tons of business owners flock to Google to get their respective advertisements displayed, which can easily translate to new customers and more sales.

Since Google is offering so much promising opportunity for business owners to rake in profit, the competition can be very fierce! However, staying on top is not at all that difficult an undertaking, provided that you are acquainted with how AdWords operates. And one very important aspect to know about is the AdWords Quality Score.

Basically, the Quality Score ranks your keywords and landing page from 1 to 10, with the highest being 10. The higher your score is, the better the chances of your advertisement appearing on the SERP. As a bonus, the owner of the business not only gets much-needed exposure but also gets to pay less for every click.

In a nutshell, getting high AdWords Quality Score is everything that a business owner has to strive for in order to gain more leads, customers, and sales. And now for an important question: How can an AdWords Quality Score be improved? Read on! The following are some very simple tips on how much can be done.

Organize Into Groups

keyword grouping google ads
Generally speaking, the more ad groups you have, the better the AdWords Quality Score is. Other than the fact that this is something that can considerably improve your AdWords Quality Score, it can also help make it so much easier for you to have your campaign organized. And as always, slapping every ad group with the right keywords is crucial. And sometimes, too, even the smallest differences among keywords can bring significant results.

Create Different Landing Pages

create different landing pages

Since you have different ad groups, it makes perfect sense that you also create different landing pages for each one. Even though this may not really be the most practical and time- and money-saving step, it can increase your AdWords Quality Score, boosting your odds of gaining more customers and generating sales. Just see to it that every landing page created contains content that brings into play the keywords for every ad group.

Scrap Bad Keywords

Every keyword that you use will be given its respective AdWords Quality Score, and then AdWords will have the overall Quality Score computed, so each one is taken into account. This only means that having low-scoring keywords can have a huge impact on your campaign performance. If some of your keywords are not faring well, it’s a good idea to put them on pause to have them fixed. But if you’re not intending to get them fixed, you might as well delete them.

Optimize For Every Device

optimize for every device type

Google knows that desktops are not the only devices being used by people these days, and that’s why a business owner like you who want to stay on top should consider optimizing for tablets and mobile phones, too. Many of today’s owners of businesses make the mistake of focusing only on desktop computers. If you follow suit, you are definitely risking losing potential customers who are using Google on other modern-day devices.

Conside Geolocation

consider geolocation

AdWords also take into account the performance of a campaign per region. If you are the owner of a local business, it’s very much likely for your ad to do very well locally, but it may be a completely different scenario hundreds of miles from your location. To keep your AdWords Quality Score high, it’s a good idea for you to place ads targeting local customers. As for areas that do not seem to perform as well, you may lower your bids or improve online services.

You can review additional Google Ads targeting options here.

Check Load Times

Check load times
How long it takes your landing page to load is also a factor in your campaign’s overall Google Ads Quality Score. Certainly, you don’t want to waste a customer’s precious time by having him or her wait for 10 or 15 seconds before your landing page loads. Some of the things that can make a landing page take a long time to load include slow servers, large image files, multiple redirects, slow redirects, and meta refreshes.

If you need a more comprehensive list of website load time improvement tips, be sure to check out our guide.

Appela to Both Customers and Google

appeal to both customers and goole

Sure a really creative copy or advertisement can make a lot of heads turn towards your campaign and ultimately business. However, Google’s AdWords does not really appreciate creativeness, and this means that you can have a really nifty ad but it will amount to nothing in the eyes of AdWords. So other than being creative, see to it that your campaign also appeals to AdWords, such as by putting keywords everywhere – in title, body and even visible URL.

Nubmer 1 Not Always Best

Although it’s true that your advertisement showing up on the number 1 position will have lots of clicks, the matter of fact is many of those clicks can come from internet users who might not be ready to do business with you. Why pay top dollar on these types of keywords.  For cases such as these, it might be more cost effective to show in the #3 spot.

Improve Website Engagement

Last but not least, it’s also important to ensure that people who visit your landing page stay around for at least a couple of minutes to read or check out other pages on your site. Improved engagement can help improve your overall Google Ads (AdWords) Quality Score.  Make sure that you promptly deal with anything that can make potential customers leave your website such as stock images, poor copy, steep prices, and the likes.

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