Googling Google’s Birthday: When’s It Really?

Looking for Googles birthday? You might be surprised to find that not even Google seems to really know. Since 2006, the mega search engine has celebrated its birthday on September 27. But in 2005 they had celebrated on September 26. And in 2004…well we will address that in a minute. But First things first. As you may know, this is a big year for Google. This year is Google’s final shot at being a teenager – on the 27th of September, the most popular search engine on the face of the planet and the whole of cyberspace is going to close its eyes, make a wish, and attempt to blow out all of the 19 candles on its cake.

However, technically speaking, September 27 is not really the date that Google came into being. It’s actually so much earlier than that. In fact, for the first three years after its birth, Google had no birthday celebrations – it was only on its 4th birthday when Google first posted a celebratory Google Doodle.

And here’s another shocker: did you know that Google celebrated its birthday on different dates prior to 2006? Well, all of them took place in September alright, but on different days.

What Day Was Google Born?

Since 2006, however, Google had stuck to the 27th of September as its natal day, which is observed each time with the launching of a new cool Google Doodle. But according to Google, the official date could still be shifted around, depending on when people feel like enjoying a cake.

Goo Goo, GaGa!

It was way back in 1995 when the founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, first met – Brin was the grad student who was assigned to show Page, who was thinking about attending Stanford for grad school.

Eventually, the two started working together on a new search engine that would rank pages according to the number of sites that linked to it, rather than the number of times of the keyword’s appearance.

How Old Is Google This Year? Really?

Google was founded and incorporated on September 4, 1998, but it was really at an earlier year – September 15, 1997 – when its domain name,, was registered. And just like what’s mentioned earlier, the very first celebratory Google Doodle was posted only when the search engine turned 4, and this was on September 27, 2002.

Do take note that it was the first celebratory Google Doodle, not the very first Google Doodle ever. That’s because the earliest form of Google Doodle came out on August 30, 1998 – it was a message that everyone was out of the office, and it featured a stickman because it was actually designed to go with the Burning Man festival.

Not Always on the 27th

Generally, it is on the 27th of September when Google chooses to celebrate its natal day, as commemorated by the launch of a new Google Doodle. This year, everyone can expect to come across a celebratory Google Doodle when the clock strikes 12 on September 27.

But did you know that there were instances in the past when Google launched Google Doodles at different dates? For instance, it came out on the 8th of September back in 2003. In 2004, it was on September 7 when it was launched. The Google Doodle was unveiled on September 26 in 2005.

If you’re looking for the correct date as to when is Googles birthday it might be helpful to consider the following. Most of the time Google celebrated its birthday on the 27th of September – and it’s probably going to stay put on that date unless of course, the great people at Google decide to have cake at a different day.

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