Pure Spam Penalty Ultimate Guide

Search Engine Marketing can be a powerful source of revenue, so long as you play by the rules.  For those who look to implement shortcuts they could wind up looking at a disturbing message in Search Console.  What happens when you play by the rules and get a “Pure Spam” message in Google Search Console?  More importantly, can it be fixed?

Need Help With Your Pure Spam Penalty?

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What is a Pure Spam Penalty?

Google gives websites who they feel have performed the most egregious type(s) of spam action a Pure Spam notice.  Google has some content around this type of manual action and I would recommend reading the below articles in addition to the information provided here.  Making a full recovery is difficult and there are no guarantees that your website will make a full comeback.

Keep in mind that there are numerous pages created everyday that serve no purpose.  Google doesn’t want to serve these pages to users.  If they did we likely wouldn’t want to use their search engine anymore.

Why Did My Site Get A Notice From Google Search Console?

Site Already Had a Penalty: In some cases a website owner might not know why they received this message.  It is possible that the site owner before you already had a Pure Spam warning. Try checking archive.org to checkout an archive of the website.

User Generated Content: Another culprit to look at is user generated content.  Especially if you don’t moderate content.  Your site could be filled with useless content that doesn’t provide any real value.

Hacked Site: Here is another trick you can try.  Go to Google, type in site:yourwebsite.com and take a look at the pages that Google has indexed for you.  As you browse through these pages do these all look like pages you created?  If anything doesn’t look right and there is content you didn’t create your website may have been hacked.

Auto Generated Content: If your website is composed of auto generated gibberish that make no sense you probably know what the issue is already.  If English is your second language and you used an auto translator this might have also caused unintentional issues that may need to be addressed.

Content That Has Been Scraped: Even if you are not using scrapping tools you may be in violation of this guideline.  Here are some possible things to look out for.

  • Content that has been copied and republished with out adding any additional content
  • A site that copies content and changes it slightly with techniques such as replacing synonyms.
  • Websites that only embed media (video, images, etc) or content from other websites without adding any additional value.

Clocking: For some sites black hat methods are used, and this is one of them.  Clocking is when a website shows one set of content to Google and another to users.

There are a number of other issues that could be related or causing the manual action against your website and the above is note an exhaustive list.  If you feel you need additional help it is highly advised that you hire a professional SEO company.

Filing a Reconsideration Request

If you have worked hard to fix your website and feel that it is ready for Google to reconsider indexing your website again you will want to submit a reconsideration request.  In my opinion the below are important and filing your claim.

  1. Be polite and don’t be augmentative
  2. List out all the steps you took to fix your website