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If you thought that building a website would be that easy, think again. Just a decade back, no one thought that website design would be a powerful marketing tool. And now, it has become the strongest foundation on which your website stands. An excellent design makes your website stand out from the competition, bringing you outstanding conversions. If you are having doubts, read on to discover the importance of website design in building a powerful brand that generates a substantial amount of web traffic.

Did you know the attention span of an average internet user is just 5-8 seconds long? Yes, you only have a maximum of 8 seconds to grab internet users’ attention before they become uninterested and move on to another site. In an environment in which an average internet user comes across hundreds of websites, first impressions play an integral role in keeping users on your site. After all, they will have no reason to remain on your site unless you appeal to their wants and needs.


‘Good’ will not keep visitors on your page. The design of your website must be excellent to get visitors’ attention and keep it. The benefits of a professional web design for your site are numerous. If your design is unique and user friendly, you are more likely to obtain and retain traffic to your site. Therefore, the key benefits of creating a professional and unique website design include:

  • Building an incredible first and lasting impression on the minds of internet users
  • Enhancing online visibility of your website with higher rankings in search engine result pages
  • Differentiating your website and brand
  • Developing brand recognition and loyalty that will cause people to return to your website
  • Driving higher web traffic with better customer conversions and increased returns on investment


Remember, creating a website is not easy. It is important to hire a professional and reputable company who has years of experience in building compelling, unique and engaging designs that can also be coded properly. The important factors to be considered while designing a website are:

  • It should be unique, visually appealing and stimulating to instigate the internet users to take action immediately
  • Your web highlights your business, professionalism, and excellence. Hence, the design should be relevant to your business
  • Internet users come back to websites that ensure user-friendliness, easy navigation, and customized solutions. Make sure custom web design is your goal
  • Build top-notch, responsive web designs that are appealing across all devices and web browsers. This includes tablets, Smartphones, and even gaming consoles
  • Your website design should be search engine optimized (SEO), enabling it to achieve a higher page ranking and better visibility online
  • Use the latest web design technologies, such as Magento, CSS, CMS, WordPress, etc., for excellent quality and responsive web designs

Remember, the appeal and relevance of your website design is the key to your success online.